Getting married at St Luke’s, RAK. (Under Construction)

Who can/cannot get married at St Luke’s?

We can marry people of any nationality, Christians from any denomination, but we cannot marry anyone who is Muslim though we can pray for them. We cannot marry couples of the same gender. We require that at least one of the couple has been baptised as a Christian. Non Christians need to be comfortable with a Christian ceremony.

Does denomination matter?

St Luke’s is an Anglican church, and we are happy to marry members of any Christian denomination. However, if you both come from one of the other churches whose ministers can conduct services here, for example the Roman Catholic church, then we are likely to ask you to go to them.

Will you marry people who have been divorced?

Some of our weddings involve people who have been divorced. But divorce always raises questions, and you will be asked to discuss them with the Chaplain. A main concern will be whether the divorce came about because of the present relationship and whether any lessons have been learnt from the past that will give strength for the future. We will not accept an application from anyone who is still legally married, or who has been divorced three times.

Can our wedding in Ras Al Khaimah be on the beach/at our hotel?

Weddings can only be conducted in the church. A wedding blessing/thanksgiving can be conducted at another location, after a service in church.

We’d really like to be married by another minister we know. Can this be arranged?

If there is another Christian minister whom you would like to be involved in your wedding in Dubai, we can usually arrange for him to be involved in the service or even conduct it.

Does nationality matter?


Does it matter if one of us doesn’t speak English?

English is the only language in which the Chaplain can conduct services. It is important that you are both fully aware of what is going on. Normally we expect both of you to be able to understand/speak enough English to follow the service and speak the vows. If you are both unable to speak English, and are coming through another church here, then it may be possible that your pastor conducts the relevant parts of the service in your language.

We want to get married somewhere else and then have a blessing/thanksgiving in Ras Al Khaimah. Can that be arranged?

If you marry in a civil ceremony elsewhere, we would encourage you to think of having the thanksgiving in church, but a ceremony elsewhere is possible.

I am pregnant, what should I do?

The Church teaches that sex outside marriage is not a Christian practice and for the good of your marriage we recommend abstinence until the wedding day, however, if you are pregnant, please do not be embarrassed about telling us. It will lessen your stress at a sensitive time to be honest with us and we will help if we can!

About St Luke’s, RAK

Where is the church?

Al Hamrah, Al Jazirah (near the Acacia Hotel) 

Is there disabled access?


What are your office hours?

8:00 am until 5:00 pm  Tuesday to Sunday.   Closed Mondays.  Appointments with the Chaplain can be made through the office.  

Planning the Wedding